Title win brings new opportunities for athletic director

The Chicago Cubs ended a 108-year drought when they beat the Cleveland Indians in seven games to win the World Series.

Athletic director Bob Lofrano is a scout for the Cubs and he attended games three and four, which took place in his hometown.

“You know as a scout you contribute. So you have a feeling that you helped to get to this point. To have the 108-year drought over is really exciting and gratifying,” Lofrano said.

Coco Crisp was coached under Lofrano at Pierce in 1999. Both of them were in Wrigley Field, but didn’t have the chance to speak to each other.

“I wasn’t able to. I went to the dugout because I was on the field for game three,” Lofrano said. “They had the scouts parading the field and I was able to get to the Cleveland dugout. I talked to their manager and told them if they could say hi to Coco for me.”

Lofrano will be getting a World Series ring as a member of the organization in the upcoming months.

“It’s a great organization. I’m really glad to be a part of it. Very fortunate,” Lofrano said. “I never let the two jobs interfere. This past summer I went to Memphis, Tennessee. I didn’t go when school was on. I went when it was out.”

Lofrano was also rehired this week for his 36 season in a row. He has been a scout for the Cubs since 1981.