One-step, two-step, let your body flow

A breakdown of swift movements and sliding skills will be demonstrated by professionals at the first annual Dance Day.

According to cheerleading coach and dance instructor Jenny Ghiglia, Dance Day was developed at another college. She attended a dance discipline meeting where a particular college was trying to reach its students and the broader community by providing them with a better idea of the diverse dance courses they have to offer.

This particular school inspired Ghiglia to do a Dance Day event where the community and students at Pierce can enjoy a Sunday of dancing without any prior experience needed.

Dance Day will take place on Sunday, Nov. 20, in the North Gym with four different styles of dance classes. Each dance class will be $5 and people will be given a color band depending on the class they choose. Each class will be 50 minutes long with a 10-minute intermission.

Four professional dancers were hired to teach contemporary, jazz, salsa, and hip-hop. Free water will be provided, however, food will not.

The Associated Students Organization (ASO) will be paying for the Dance Day event for students and the community to get together and have fun. In addition, the money will help fund future activities for dance.  

“The ASO is totally excited about getting people involved and getting high school students to become involved in dance and also to see what Pierce is about,” Ghiglia said.

Brian Moe is in his first year at Pierce as an instructor of theater. Moe began dancing at 5 and participated in multiple dance competitions and has been teaching dance for seven years.

“I am part of Dance Day because it is bringing dance, not just to the Pierce community, but to communities surrounding us. It is a way to build a sense of a community. It’s a great exercise and a great way to feel good about yourself,” Moe said.

Dance Club member Nalu Bauman is a professional dancer and has been in the Dance Club for one year. Bauman thinks that improvement is something that dancers always do and need.

Bauman said that Dance Day is a good opportunity for people to learn about dancing in general because it’s not just for professional dancers.

“Any kind of event that involves dancing, especially when you bring actual dancers, you know it’s going to be a good time,” Bauman said.