Column: Health and fitness tips

Having great nutrition is a key element to living a healthy and active lifestyle. By taking baby steps forward and committing to making changes in your diet, it can result to a longer and happier life. Most people join the health trend due to personal goals, such as losing or gaining weight. However, having great nutrition does not only change your appearance physically, but also internally. When one feeds the body the right amount of vitamins and nutrients, the transformation that occurs is undeniable. There are various ways to begin your journey in becoming nutritious. Here are some tips and tricks I have encountered or read online while caring for my overall wellbeing.

Water. Drinking a gallon of water daily is important when it comes to detoxifying your body. When the average person does not consume enough water daily, they are not getting rid of the toxins our body collects regularly. Drinking water also helps hydrate your body throughout the day and helps with constipation. In addition to hydrating your body, all cells and organs need water in order to function properly.

Avoid bad habits. For example, drinking, smoking, overeating and lack of exercise can cause long-term effects on your body. Everyone tends to drink from time to time. However, binge drinking or excessive drinking will not only cause you to gain weight, but also damages your liver. When ordering mixed drinks at a bar, the calorie intake increases since most of those beverages contain sugar. This can then result to diabetes.

Moreover, smoking and living a healthy lifestyle do not mix well together. Smoking causes lung cancer and reduces the amount of oxygen your body needs. The ingredients cigarettes carry cause a blockage in your lungs, which makes it harder for the oxygen to go through. This is why smoking and exercising aren’t a great combination since the amount of exercise activity would be limited if you have trouble breathing. By quitting smoking, it gives you a greater opportunity of a longer lifespan.

Furthermore, binge eating junk food can also be harmful to the body because it creates problems in our metabolism. According to Mensfitness, “Our guts harbor up to 100 trillion microbial cells that control and influence our metabolism, immune function and overall nutrition. But when the levels and diversity of bacteria are disrupted, it can spark gastrointestinal conditions like inflammatory bowel disease and obesity.” Although many of us are raised to finish every bit of our meals until the plate is clean, this isn’t the right thing to do. Our brain automatically focuses on the amount served that it tricks us into eating it all even after we are full. To avoid this problem it is important to measure your servings to the size of your palm. Studies have also showed that by not overeating, your age appearance is shown at a slower speed.

Lastly, exercising daily is important in order to remain fit and in shape. Moderate exercise including walking, running, hiking or any type of cardio can lower your risk of heart problems. By doing cardio, you are working your metabolism, heart rate and freeing your mind from stress. Exercising is also a healthy way to boost your self-confidence when you do not feel your best. Additionally, exercising helps one maintain, gain or lose their ideal weight. By building a regular routine, it will be beneficial to your health and avoiding high blood pressure down the road.

Living a nutritious and healthy life begins with one’s dedication and determination. Once you become motivated to make that change and understand that it is a way of living, the rest falls into place. For those who want to make that change start off with what is comfortable for you and make it a habit.