Pro: Ridesharing apps

Why spend tons of money on gas, hassle with parking and pay insurance for a car when you can just take an Uber?

Uber is a quick and easy way to get from point A to point B without the concerns that the average driver worries about. Taking an Uber avoids many difficult situations. For example, the driver deals with traffic. Although passengers deal with traffic, not owning a car would avoid incidents like having to exchange information, insurance details, paying for damages and paying for a rental while your car gets fixed.

Taking Uber is also convenient when it comes to social gatherings like going to bars, concerts and events. By riding in an Uber rather than driving your own vehicle, you avoid stress.

During the weekends many people choose to take an Uber even if they own a car. The reason for this is because many participate in social drinking. After a couple drinks, it is the safest and smartest measure to take an Uber. If you are intoxicated on a Saturday night with your friends, it is better to order an Uber rather than risk getting a DUI. Driving under the influence doesn’t only risk your life, but also the lives of others.

Also, attending events is frustrating due to packed parking lots. However, when taking an Uber it is easier to be dropped off and picked up in the entrance. In an attempt to avoid this, many hotels and venues have a specific entrance for Uber drivers to pick up and drop off their customers.

In addition to being quick and easy, Uber is also affordable compared to taxis. Uber drivers charge by the distance traveled between where you are picked up to where you are going. Usually the prices range, but they are affordable to many who also enjoy their customer service. Uber also offers uberPOOL, which lets you split the cost of a ride with other passengers. When taking uberPOOL, the driver picks you and others up around the area. Each passenger is then dropped off one at a time. This saves money since the distance between rides is shared.

Lastly, Uber is useful overall because it gets you around. It is faster than taking the metro, subway or driving your own car. Taking the bus can be cheap, but it might be time consuming due to all the stops. Uber makes your life as a whole lot less stressful because all you’re doing is taking the back seat and enjoying the ride.