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Progress in IT

In the past, there have been many disputes that the school struggles with technology, but what most people don’t know is that it is slowly progressing.

According to Associate Vice President, Larry Kraus the IT department has a number of challenges but are constantly working to fulfill the needs of faculty and students. Some challenges are repairing computers and providing services to the campus.

“This problem has continued for many years,” Kraus said. “As you know, technology has increased over the years, look at the world around you. Every two years they are making things better, smaller and faster, so it is a lot of resources.”

According to Kraus, he is not aware if more funding is being provided to help with IT issues but more staff have been hired for the department.

Secretary of the Math Department Jonathan Galley, said that by hiring more staff they hope to see a progress in the IT department.

“I’ve worked here for five years and I’m constantly placing work orders. One thing I have noticed is that they’ve gotten better which is a good thing,” Galley said.

Christopher Rivera, animal science major says that Wi-Fi is very important because he uses his cell phone for Wi-Fi and there is times it does not work.

“When I’m at the library, I am always connected to Wi-Fi, but the sad thing is that it only has service on certain parts,” Rivera said. “I would like for the school to increase our Wi-Fi speed so that we connect faster.”

“Some students use their laptops or phone to do homework. The fact that it takes so long to connect to Wi-Fi is frustrating because I’m wasting time and there are times when I have a class so I have to leave and I don’t get my work done,” Rivera said.

Wi-Fi is a big issue in this school. Students, faculty, and staff have a hard time connecting to internet connection on campus. According to Galley, there will be a possibility in Wi-Fi signal increasing in the math building.

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