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Petition to walk the stage

Petition to walk the stage
Photo Illustration: Samantha Bravo
Photo Illustration: Samantha Bravo

Graduation is on the forefront of the minds of students who are ready to take the next step. Less than a month remains for the April 14 deadline to submit a petition to graduate.

According to the Director of the Transfer Center Sunday Salter, some issues students encounter during this time of the semester is meeting deadlines and not having enough units to graduate.

“I think a lot of times they do not understand the true nature of deadlines for the universities,” Salter said. “Another issue students encounter is being short of units. If they come early enough, we can help them take a short-term class to add in the late-start spring session. It’s great if they come in right now and get checked by a counselor and not wait until the last minute. The sooner students come, the better.”

Once the student has completed their graduation requirement or plans to complete them by the end of the spring term, they should schedule an appointment to see a counselor, Salter said. The counselor will then help the student fill out the form.

According to the Assistant Bookstore Manager Candy Van, the student store will be organizing a special event for the graduating students at Pierce.

“We will be having our first ever grad fest in the bookstore sometime in April,” Van said. “We are still not sure when, but if students come and buy their cap and gown that day, they will get 10 percent off. The price for the cap and gown is the same as last year, $31.95. They will be available in the bookstore to purchase the first week of April.”

The Graduation Office will provide a list of student names that will be graduating this semester, Van said. Only those on the list can purchase a cap and gown.

Nursing student Nelly Espinoza plans to graduate this semester and said that petitioning to graduate was easy, and she is excited to walk the stage during the ceremony.

“I think most students think it is going to take a long time or that they will just get it done tomorrow, but honestly the sooner you do it the better,” Espinoza said. “I have worked really hard, and I cannot wait to walk the stage.”

According to Salter, students who participate in the gradation ceremony will receive a memento for the occasion.

“Students who are transferring this year and decide they want to graduate and participate in the graduation ceremony will be receiving a special platinum-colored honor cord,” Salter said. “They will be able to wear it with their gown for the ceremony.”

According to Salter, the graduation ceremony is a memorable experience for students, and being called on stage is an even more empowering moment for them.

“The graduation ceremony is always meaningful. There are always so many students who participate,” Salter said. “It is a really important milestone for them, the faculty, and for all of us. We look forward to it.”