Get active or get dropped; classes may get audited

Professors need to make sure students are active in their classes or drop them as soon as possible to avoid the school being audited, said the Distance Education Coordinator at the Academic Senate meeting on March 27.

Wendy Bass announced that Pierce’s sister school Southwest College is being audited and will owe the financial aid money given to inactive students.

Bass said that professors who teach distance education classes need to make sure they are engaging with their online students by posting public comments on their discussion posts.

Posting lectures and assignments does not count as student-instructor engagement, according to Bass. This also applies to professors who teach in-person classes. Bass said that they also need to keep track of who is regularly missing classes.

“It’s really, really crucial that we are checking to make sure that our students are staying active in our classes,” Bass said. “The minute a student becomes inactive, we should be excluding them.”
Bass said that there will be a meeting for professors to discuss what their best approach to the situation will be, as many of them post their comments privately online.