Brahmas drop doubleheader to Hancock

The Brahmas dropped both games of a doubleheader Tuesday (26-0, 25-0) against Allan Hancock College, bringing their record to 2-28.

“Making our basic plays is one of the main things that has to be done,” head coach Breanne Parr said. “Our pitchers have to be able to throw strikes and not give the opposing team opportunities. We’ve had a lot of individuals on our team that have made improvements, but we’re just trying to make our improvements as a team. Game to game, pitch to pitch.”

Energy has been an issue this season for the Brahmas.

“We were going on the right path, our energy just needs to be up here,” Cathy Lao said. “We need to have higher energy and we just have our mentalities messed up.”

Catherine Clovell recognizes the issues the team faced, but is optimistic about next season.

“I was low on energy, and I think that really got to everyone,” Clovell said. “This team has a lot of good players, there’s just a lot of newbies. I know they will do much better next season.”

The last game of the season will be against Moorpark College Thursday at Pierce. The game is scheduled for 2:30 p.m.