A convention for the creatives

The groovy melody of a saxophone and the rhythmic beat of drums played by Pierce music students drew curious Mall-goers into The Great Hall Monday afternoon for the Art in Action Creative Arts Major Fair.

Being the first event of it’s kind, Pierce counselors collaborated with the Media Arts, Art and Architecture and Music departments to host a fair that would focus on majors within the arts.

In previous semesters, events have only been hosted for business and STEM majors. However, when the counseling department convened at their annual meeting, they noticed the lack of arts present in many of their sponsored events.

“We don’t really do a lot on campus to highlight the majors and universities that are art-related,” Counselor Tara McCarthy said. “So, we thought it would be a really great opportunity to have a fair that just focused on schools that offer those majors.”

Representatives from Cal. State Northridge (CSUN), the University of California, Cal Arts and the Press Photographers Association of Greater Los Angeles (PPAGLA) set up booths for students to gather information.

The CSUN music department handed out flyers with transfer information and resources for music majors or those interested in pursuing a music degree.

According to undergraduate music adviser Nicole Hovland, many students experience confusion when they are applying to transfer to CSUN’s music program.

“Our biggest thing is the deadlines. A lot of people don’t realize they have to apply to CSUN, the university itself, and then apply to the music department,” Hovland Said. “We just want to make sure they know that they have to audition no matter what.”

For music major Brandon Peckham, the event was a good use of his time.

“I heard about the event in class, and I came partially for information and partially because I need concert reports,” Peckham said. “I am thinking about transferring to CSUN. I want to learn about the audition process and what I need to have prepared before I go up there.”

PPAGLA handed out their organization’s photography yearbook and fliers to encourage students to pursue journalism-related careers.

“I think it’s just about lighting the fire at events like this. There are so many areas of journalism that you can go into, whether it is web, magazines, newspapers or TV news; it’s endless,” PPAGLA board member David Segar said.

Nursing major Jason Gallegos decided to walk through the event out of curiosity.

“I have just been talking to people because I am interested in what they do,” Gallegos said. “The most interesting one I have been to is the photography booth.”

Music major Leo Garcia arrived early because he was performing in the choir during the Fair. However, as he got a chance to walk around, he said he felt the event helped fill in the gaps of life after Pierce.

“My goal is to transfer out, and it was really cool to come out here and see all my options and see a big focus on music and arts and creative arts in general,” Garcia said.
The end goal of the Art in Action Major Fair was to connect students with schools that can provide information needed to move on within their chosen field.