Pro: New semester

Starting a new semester is always exciting. It is the perfect time for a fresh start. If you got bad grades the past semester or wish you had done something differently, this is the time to make things better.

It’s also the perfect time to set new goals for yourself.

Maybe your goal for the new semester is to get better grades, or maybe it is to finally take that class you’ve been afraid to take. Whether you’ve been dreading to start math, or you finally decide to complete your science class, it is a great time to challenge yourself.

A new semester also makes many of us feel optimistic.  We know we are capable of getting great grades if we work for it, and the only person that can determine our success for the semester is ourselves (and everyone starts off the semester with the same grade).

A new semester also means choosing a new schedule. Some people will stick to their regular schedules and others will decide to switch it up. Perhaps you realized you are definitely not a morning person and decide you want to try evening classes this semester. A new semester is a perfect time for a change.

Many times a new semester also brings about new opportunities such as different sports or clubs to join, and if you weren’t able to join the previous semester this is your chance to try again.

Because a lot of us are still undecided on our majors, a new semester also gives us the opportunity to figure out what career would be best by letting us exploring and take different courses.

Starting a new semester also means seeing friends frequently again, and you may even make new ones. New classes mean you’ll start seeing a lot of new faces and it gives us all the chance to meet new people.

I can’t forget to mention one of the best parts of starting a new semester, which is the back-to-school shopping. Whether it’s buying new clothes or school supplies, I’ll take any excuse to go shopping.

When starting a new semester it’s important to be positive, optimistic, and it’s important to remember that you can do anything you set your mind to for the semester.

A new semester brings new classes, new goals, new relationships, and new opportunities. Starting a new semester is exciting because you’re a few steps closer to graduating and reaching your goals.