Pro: P.E. requirement

Physical education should be a requirement for any student able to participate. Whenever I take a physical education class I see it as this; I am not only working out to get fit, but I’m also working my butt off to not fail that class.

Physical education isn’t just about sports, it’s learning through movement. Most people think of physical education as either weight lifting or sports, but there are many other forms of physical education that are offered and could possibly be offered in the future here at Pierce.

For those who do not already know, exercise has many benefits other than the obvious muscle gains and fit bodies.

Inside the brain a really interesting thing happens, your neurons and thoughts start talking to one another, they actually secretly converse without you knowing; and they solve your problems, help you learn, and help retain information when you’re sweating like an animal to your current “JAM.” Crazy right?

In your most primal state; sweating, using brute strength, releasing caveman grunts, etc… you are actually using your brain in many different ways. Relaxing it but also challenging it by focusing your attention towards a specific goal for that exercise even though you have a paper due that night or a test the next day.

This is the magic behind the human brain. For those who aren’t part of the gym crowd and wish to release the inner beast or tame it, there are alternative methods.

If you are the energetic type, take up a dance. If you are the sad and alone type, take up a dance. If you are a happy type, take up a dance. If you want a happier life, take up a dance. Dancing is one of the greatest forms of physical education because you learn how to control your body but also tell a story through it.

From the waltz to swing, hip hop to jazz, salsa to tango; dance may be different around the world but you still got to move those buns hun. Dance is also a great stress reliever for those who dance to express what they feel that day. Now, to those “two-left-feet” people, you know who you are, put them to good use and take up a martial art!

Karate, Kung Fu, or what have you; if you can’t dance, shoot, or throw a martial art is the way to go. Though we don’t have many to offer, with the right amount of people there could requests for certain styles or certain martial arts to be taught for certain semesters.

You have so many to choose from! From your UFC style Mixed Martial Arts to your Kung Fu movie fighting to even Monk developed martial art, there’s bound to be something for everyone. Especially with learning a martial art such as Wing Chun, you need not only discipline but also flexibility of your mind, Yin-Yang. This goes along with many other martial art forms and also surviving the world.

So this would mean a school filled with stress free and happy students who are also healthy and fit? Sign me up.