Don’t fear the two-years

Attending a four-year university directly after high school might seem like the right choice because students are encouraged to do so, but it’s not always the best option for everyone.

Going straight to community college is less expensive. You can earn a degree at a fraction of the cost then you would going to a four-year. Students could benefit from this financially, and it can reduce the amount of stress they already deal with juggling school and work.

According to, four-year schools cost nearly three times more than community colleges. While trying to decide what you really want to study and focus on in school, you can be saving money instead of wasting it at a four-year on classes you don’t need.

A lot of us start school with an undecided major, or end up changing our major after a semester or two. Community college gives you a chance to explore different academic areas, without having to feel rushed. You can move at your own pace without the pressure of having to live up to high standards that most universities expect.

When going straight to university, you might realize that the school you have chosen isn’t suitable for you, and you will most likely end up leaving and going to a community college. At a community college, you have the time to meet with counselors and advisors that specialize in helping students transfer and pick a school that is best for you.

Community college is flexible when it comes to setting up a class schedule that works well around your daily activities. They accommodate students’ needs by offering classes on weekends, evenings and early mornings.

Most of us are a bit lost when we first attend college. We don’t really know what to expect, and we are slowly finding ourselves through the process. We’re like lost puppies just wandering around. Community college is a good stepping stone for students, and it prepares us for when we are actually ready to transfer to a university.

In community college, students have the chance to find their strengths and weaknesses before stepping into more demanding school work at a university. Also, students can take this time to improve on any subjects they did poorly in throughout high school.

Classes at community colleges are a lot smaller. Students can get the proper help and attention they need from their professors because the class setting is a lot more intimate at a community college rather than having to sit in a huge lecture hall where the professor rarely knows the students’ names.

Students who are looking to explore their options to earn an education that is appropriate for them should definitely attend community college from the get go.