Pierce goes paperless, electronic waitlist replaces add slips

Pierce goes paperless, electronic waitlist replaces add slips

In addition to the updated SIS system, Pierce will no longer issue paper slips to students wanting to add classes at the beginning of the semester.

Incoming student, Alyssa Dizon said freshmen have it easier than students that were used to the old system.

“I’m coming out of high school, and when they told me I had to add classes myself online, I felt overwhelmed,” Dizon said. “It took a minute to understand but, I have no problem doing it now, but some of my friends that already went here seem to be struggling.”

Adding classes last minute is difficult with the new system because students are still trying to learn how to navigate it.

Waitlists have been implemented, and students can sign up to potentially acquire a spot in a full class.

Instead of walking in and hoping to crash this fall semester, the list will help determine if a student gets into a class.

A waitlisted student in the number one spot, if the professor is adding students, will be able to join. Students will be added in the order of the list until the class is full.

Waitlisted students are given a number online, and if added, will be given a permission number to input online.

Professors will be adding students directly from the waitlist before they attempt to add anyone who comes in trying to crash a class.

A permission number can only be provided by the professor. To add the class, once a permission number is given, the student has to log into the Student Portal first.

Next, go to “Add Class” in the Academic Menu drop down. From there, click on the class you are waitlisted in and it will have a box that says “Permission Number”. Insert the number into the text box, click next and from there proceed to step 2 which will then allow you to add the class.

If you need further assistance on adding a class by permission number, you can go to the Admissions and Records office.