PREVIEW: Meet Your Major Fair

A new path awaits first-year and returning students. However, with more than 60 disciplines to choose from, it may be overwhelming to decide which major to pursue.

To help students maneuver through the majors offered at Pierce, the Career Center and Transfer Center will host the Meet Your Major Fair, an event in which faculty members specializing in different careers educate students about their respective fields.

The fair will be hosted in the Great Hall from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.  on Sept. 27th.  

Career Center counselor Wendi Meckler said that students should take this opportunity to learn more about their majors and careers from faculty.

“Students can ask faculty about coursework within the majors and about the universities they have in mind,” Meckler said. “It’s a good opportunity to ask faculty and staff about career choices that the major could lead to.”

Program specialist Raffi Kahwajian said that the fair will give students more information about what their prospective major has to offer.  

“The truth is, not every student has the same goals or is in the same place in life, or has the same understanding of what the working world is and what career options are out there,” Kahwajian said.  “The Meet Your Major Fair will at least allow students to have some exposure of the variety of possibilities out there.”

The more information students have about various opportunities the better prepared they are, according to Kahwajian.

“When they can finally make a decision, it is not one that they were pressured into or made without knowing what they were getting into,” Kahwajian said.

Peer mentor Rizka Soebandi said it is beneficial to have an open mind and explore unfamiliar majors.

“Students should find majors they are interested in,” Soebandi said.  “If family is driving you to be one major, but you aren’t passionate about it, you should choose your own major.”

Meckler offers sample questions to aid students form ideas on what to ask representatives who will be at the fair.

Sample questions include: What kinds of jobs can I get? What will I study in this major? Should I get a bachelor’s degree to pursue this major? Can you recommend good bachelor-level programs in this area? Are there any certificates and licenses I should get?