Pro: Talk dirty to me

Professors can speak however they want to. They are in charge of the classroom and the students. Professors set the rules, and students are aware of this from day one. If students do not like to hear foul language, they can drop the class, or take it with another professor at a different time.

Students take classes to fulfill their academic requirements. Students’ focus should be on passing the class, and not so much on the professor’s way of speaking. Professors are hired to teach the subject, not to instruct on morality. Moral lessons are taught at home.

Each professor has a different approach to teaching, and it should be respected. Some teachers can be more calm, and of few words, while others can be more expressive. Foul language is a form of expression. It can express strong emotions that are required to get a point across during a lecture. Professors choose this certain way of speaking because they want to express themselves more verbally. This manner of speaking  is used to communicate more effectively with students.

Professors deal with college students, not children. They teach classes filled with adults, and not kindergarteners. They shouldn’t have to worry about choosing their words before speaking. Professors are free to be themselves, and should not feel like they need to portray someone else while they are lecturing.

Students should be aware of the real world. We live in a world where every human being is different. We all have different ideas and different ways of thinking. We have our own opinions, and we all have our own way to communicate.

Professors are not breaking school rules by using foul language. They are using their freedom of speech. College is a place where the majority of students are adults. Most students are older than 18. They’ve heard foul language before, either at home, on television or on the streets.

Professors should be allowed to use foul language because they are not harming the students in any way. They sometimes use this method to grab students’ attention and make the class less boring. Some professors use foul language to bond with their students. Using foul language makes the teachers more approachable. It makes them seem more down to earth. Students feel more comfortable with their teachers, and therefore they reach out to them more. They ask questions in class and become involved in the lecture, rather than falling asleep.