Students march for free education

Students march for free education

“Sign the bill” was chanted through the streets of Downtown Los Angeles as participants, including Pierce students, marched in support of tuition-free education to full-time community college students in California.

The march began at Pershing Square and ended at City Hall on Saturday, Sept. 30. Los Angeles residents organized the march to urge Gov. Jerry Brown to sign AB-19. Brown has until Oct. 15 to sign or veto the bill.

Assemblymember Miguel Santiago, President Pro Tempore of the California Senate Kevin de Leon and human rights activist Melissa Demyan attended the march in support of free community college.

Associated Student Organization President Efren Lopez and chair of the community welfare committee Gisela Tarifa attended the march.

Associated Student Organization President Efren Lopez attended the march because he believes education should be available for everyone.

“I’m at the march because I think one of the fundamentals of upward mobility is higher education,” Lopez said. “The bill that they’re advocating here is just sitting on the governor’s desk, ready to sign.”

With this march, protesters seek to achieve free education and enhance student loan forgiveness programs for those who are in debt. For more information, read the march article on front page.