Owls dominate the Brahmas

Owls dominate the Brahmas

The Brahmas lose the first water polo game of the season to the Citrus College Owls as the final score was 20-3.

Brooke Padilla gave the Owls the lead while Lily Pang scored for the Brahmas in a quarter that Citrus dominated.

Kyrah Hunter scored two goals for the Brahmas in the second quarter of the game, as the second quarter ended 12-3 in favor of the Owls.

Hunter began the game as goalie, but was replaced by Cassidy Hoffman at the start of the scond quarter. Hoffman had five saves in the game and five steals.

Angelica Espinoza scored three goals as two of them came in the last quarter. Padilla also scored three goals for the Owls.

Stephanie Rodriguez created the most chances for the Brahmas as she had seven attempts.

Assistant Coach Lindsey Duncan said that although they lost the game, she was proud to see the team score.

“We got a good show from Kyrah. She had some good couple of outside shots. She scored on two of the six on five plays, and then we also had a score from Lily. She scored from the four position on six on five possessions,” Duncan said.

Duncan said despite the loss, the team was there to compete.

“I’m just glad we were able to get out. Citrus is really good, they have a big team. We’re a little bit smaller, and we don’t have a lot of subs. So, we really had to iron man the game,” Duncan said. “As far as getting the ball down the pool, we had a few offensive possessions where we at least got a shot off, which is what we really wanted to do.”

Duncan mentioned that the team was limited in players, but had dedication.

“They are small but mighty. We have a small number and they are also not the biggest players, but they have a lot of heart and they give me one hundred percent every practice,” Duncan said.

Hunter played for the first quarter as goalie and mentioned that she was nervous but adapted as the game progressed.

“We didn’t have a goalie this game, which is okay. It was just nerve-racking, because they are a really big team. But when I got into the water with the rest of the team, I felt like I was getting into the groove,” Hunter said.

Pang plays as an attacker, and she mentioned the score affected her performance.

“I’m going to try to get open and swim my heart out, and not let my head get to me, because we were down by a lot,” Pang said.

Hunter said communication among teammates, swimming and not being afraid to shoot are all priorities for the team.

“If you got the shot, just make it. It doesn’t matter if it misses or not,” Hunter said.

Aside from the numbers and lack of a goalie, Duncan said the team is just starting out.

“We’re just glad to get our season started and excited to see what we have. For us, it is a win to see what we need to work on, what we are good at and what we can develop,” Duncan said.

The Brahmas next game is Wednesday, October 18 at 3:30 p.m. at LA Valley College.


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