Women’s volleyball bounce back

Women’s volleyball bounce back

Losing to El Camino College  in five sets on Wednesday didn’t affect how the women’s volleyball team came back and defeated the Santa Monica  Corsairs in  straight sets.

After a rocky start, Cairo Harrell, middle blocker, and Shari Volpis, outside hitter, took control of the game defending the ball and getting ball over the net.

“You usually start the game the way you play in warmups. Warmups were kind of slow and a little bit sloppy,” Volpis said. “We talked about and I mentioned that I didn’t think we were really taking care of the first ball, the first contact.”

Pierce slowly got into the swing of things, although they won each set.

The Brahmas are back at home on Wednesday, Nov. 1 against Citrus College at 6:00 p.m.