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Season Preview: Men’s basketball

The basketball court is being put to good use by the Men’s Basketball team as they practice for the upcoming season.

The men’s basketball team season is right around the corner, and the team will look to improve on last season’s 11-17 overall record.

Head Coach Charles White is excited that his team has been practicing everyday and is glad that his team has the drive to be the best.

“I have a better point guard play this year, and we actually have some pretty good shooters. We have smart kids that want to win. We have guys that want to work hard and play hard. Hopefully we will have some good results,” White said. “Our guys last year didn’t have anyone to look up to. The younger freshman have someone to look up to in our returning players.”

The Brahmas also have four returning players: Jordan Newt, Malik Johnson, John Flowers and Drion Graham.

They are doing their part to make sure that each member of the team is comfortable in their position and are ready to show off their skills as practice moves along.

Newt is co-captain with Johnson this season, and he expressed his excitement about how the team looks, and hopes to reach the playoffs.

“It is looking like it’s going to go great. The team is looking good, and everyone practices everyday. We all have our separate roles, guards, forwards, and the setters. When we come together, we can win. We want to make it to the playoffs and make it as far as we can,” Newt said.

Johnson said the team had a lot of strengths that made the team great, and it showed in the past two months of practice.    

“Our strengths are that we all listen and communicate well. Everyone talks, communicates and there are no knuckleheads. You are not coming out here to lose. You come out here to win,” Johnson said.

The game plan for the basketball team involves moving the players up and down the court. The team wants to “push” the ball. Running across the court in practice has helped the team be ready to pass the ball and make correct moves. The main focus, however, is communication.

Michael Farmer, the new assistant coach, said that when the team speaks to each other, they are able to accomplish more and learn from past mistakes.

“We want them to talk on the court and get to know each other so we can tell what spots teammates like and don’t like. We are really starting to be a team and a unit. Doing it this quickly is pretty amazing because, usually, it takes a longer time to get there. We are doing a great job so far,” Farmer said.

White said he is glad that the team has been making great strides to succeed, and he hopes to overcome the mistakes that last year’s team had.

“We had a pretty good team last year, but we were not disciplined enough. “

We are going to do better this year. We are more disciplined, and we have a good group of returnees who are back for us,” White said.  Flowers is proud of his teammates and is glad to have coaches who assist and get them through practice effectively.

“We can fly up and down the court. There are a lot more shooters. We are a bigger team this year, too. Right now, I feel that we are going down the right path for this year. The coaches are teaching us the right things. When we lock in and actually listen to them and do what they say, it works every time,” Flowers said.   

The Brahmas season begins Nov.11 against Santiago College.

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