Pick up the PACE

Pick up the PACE

English, math, speech and 30-60 units are required to transfer to a four-year institution. However, things can get complicated for students with busy schedules who are trying to get those last few units.

The Program for Accelerated College Education (PACE) is a program designed to provide students the ability to obtain units at a quicker rate so that they can graduate in approximately two years.

Pierce College students gathered in the Great Hall on Monday, Nov. 6, for PACE orientation to familiarize themselves with the program.

“I hope more students learn that there is another way to access courses that will fit into their busy schedules,” said Joleen Voss Rodriguez, the new PACE director. “Especially for students who work full time or have family commitments, PACE is another option for them to take classes.”

PACE classes meet one evening a week, either  6-8 p.m. or 8-10 p.m., and every other Saturday for four hours. The courses meets transfer guidelines and are accelerated to fit in eight-week quarters instead of 15-week semesters.

Pierce offers five PACE sessions each school year; two are in the fall, two in the spring, and one in the summer.

The program offers two primary educational paths: an Associate Degree in Business Administration for Transfer and General Studies, and a Social and Behavioral Sciences Associate of Arts Degree.

“I’m meeting students and making sure they have the right classes to help them transition out,” said Asma Doust, a PACE counselor.

PACE courses have a higher limit of students so that they have a good chance of getting the classes they need, especially the courses that get taken off the market quickly.

Students can also take PACE courses while they take regular classes.

“I thought it was helpful, I’m excited to get an appointment with a counselor and get down to business,” interior design major Jillian Nelson said.