Men’s hoops lose to huskies

Men’s hoops lose to huskies

Men’s basketball (1-4) faced the East LA College Huskies last Wednesday, losing 72-51.

Right out the gate, East LA came with the aggression, putting up six points in the first 10 minutes.

Defense and lack of follow through with shots seemed to be the theme for their loss.

Assistant Coach Michael Farmer said the team has a lot to improve on.

“Toughness, we got to play better defense, bottom line,” Farmer said.

Benjamin Dinkins said the team could’ve won if they were aggressive.

“With any sport you play, a lot of it is effort, it’s not even talent. I believe if they pick that up, they would’ve been a lot closer, maybe even winning the game,” Dinkins said.

According to Farmer, a lack of shots during the first half of the game were due to the team not trusting each other.

“They were forcing up shots because they don’t trust the whole team, so they were playing a whole lot of one-on-one,” Farmer said. “We got to trust our team, trust our bigs.”

East LA had a 47-25 lead at the half. The Brahmas went in with a game plan to hopefully revive their chances of winning, with rebounds and more stops.

The Brahmas began to pick up the momentum with point guard and captain Jordan Newt leading the way, but just a few moments after, the energy was lost.

Newt said he began to slow down due to exhaustion, which affected his shooting.

Newt said the team’s biggest problem is that they are not consistent.

“We can’t seem to put together two halves so far,”  Newt said.

Ultimately, the success of the team relies solely on one key component, Farmer said.

“Our scoring relies on our defense. We have to play better defense for our score, we aren’t a scoring team,” Farmer said.

Farmer says the team has a different formula when it comes to shooting.

“We don’t have shooters who can just knock down shots after shots. We have to get stops. We have to get steals to get easy buckets, and once we don’t get the rebound and don’t get shots, it’s makes it tough for us to score,” Farmer said.

Men’s basketball plays in the West LA Tournament which will take place Nov.30- Dec.2. They face Santa Ana College at 3 p.m.