You can’t swipe right on your professor

You can’t swipe right on your professor

The Communication Association Club had a “Rate My Professor” workshop in Juniper 804 to teach students how to navigate the site and use it to their fullest potential last Wednesday.

“Rate My Professor” is a review website where college students can leave remarks and ratings on professors they’ve had.

This website has allowed students to plan ahead about which professor would fit their needs and learning style best throughout the semester to guarantee them a passing grade.

Communication Association Club President Jacqueline Lopez said that her club needed to plan the workshop because the website is not being used to its potential.

“We wanted to do this because we were talking about our enrollment dates, and we realized that not a lot of students take advantage of Rate My Professor,” Lopez said.

With registration dates coming up and students already preparing for winter session, this was a great time to host such a workshop, Lopez said.

“We thought it would be really convenient to host this event and share it with the students to make them realize that this is a great tool that is not used as much as it should be,” Lopez said.

During the one-hour event, the club president went through the site from start to finish and asked those who attended if there any professors they wanted to look up, so they could show how this is site works.

The club members then shared personal bouts with the site, going into detail about how “Rate my Professor” has helped them in their educational journey.

Communication Association Club Treasurer Ryan Chase Balthazar said the review site helped him judge whether certain classes were the right fit for him.

“It’s important for me, because I like that I get to know what other students think of this professor, and based off of that information, I would be able to judge if this class is a good class for me or not,” Balthazar said.

The club officers warned those that attended to be careful about comments left by particular students and to watch for those patterns.

They taught them how students should cipher through comments left by students who may have possibly been upset with a grade they received, were not in class enough, or were possibly disruptive in class.

Knowing what kind of student you are is an important asset to knowing what professor right for you.

The group went through a series of students. They mentioned the procrastinator, the organized student, and the student that’s never in class.  

Club Secretary Juliana Huang wants college students to use the site to have a less stressful semester.

“I hope that from this event people can actually take what they learned and use it so they can enjoy their semester more,” Huang said.

Watch a video piece on this workshop by clicking on this link.

***This story has been updated to include a link to a video of the workshop.***