Pro: Testing, this is only a test

Athletes should have no reason to be afraid of taking a drug test if they are innocent. There should be no problems giving a student athlete a drug test. It helps prove that they are a healthy individual, and that they are not doing anything detrimental for themselves.

Student drug tests are usually random, and in college, drug testing can really help faculty know who is allowed to play sports. There would be less problems on campus because drug addiction can hurt a person’s life. There some schools use drug testing companies (like this website) that may be able to provide help with drug testing students.

Popular drugs include: alcohol, anabolic steroids, LSD, nicotine and tobacco, and MDMA. The first step to combat this problem is to drug test athletes. Not every athlete will take a drug that is said to enhance abilities, but those that do, are being unfair to their teammates and any team that Pierce might face. Drugs might seem fun for weekend use, but not on game day. The problem is that long-term exposure to any number of drugs can actually take a toll on a person’s ability to function in the long run.

The best time to administer a drug test on student athletes would be during the weekend. This is because the laboratory where the tests are looked at will probably get better results with a weekend collection, because it can deter athletes from doing drugs or alcohol. If a student tests positive for drugs, they should be exempt from playing in games.

Drug testing will also help the school keep track of what sports have healthy athletes. The sports teams that do the best are the ones that eat healthy and stay away from harmful materials.

Drug addiction affects all of America, and the battle for a better future starts early in life. Schools teach that using or abusing drugs is not good. People who get addicted to drugs are recommended to attend places like Pacific Ridge rehab center to get treatment. Drug testing student athletes is a way to fight the growing drug problem in the country. Many students who don’t want to take a drug test are usually not sure what the test means for them, or may be hiding the fact that they are taking drugs.

According to the Student Drug-Testing Coalition, America represents about 4 percent of the world’s population, yet it consumes two-thirds of the world’s illegal drugs.

Athletes are not just representing a team, they’re representing the school. We want our teams on campus to succeed. For this to happen, drug-testing should be required for student athletes because the school is made of many individuals. There are also many programs that only work when students do well, and because athletes represent the school, doing their best counts.