Season Review: Women’s volleyball

Season Review: Women’s volleyball

Women’s volleyball fell short of the state championships as their season was put to a stop against San Diego City College in five sets.  

Head Coach Nabil Mardini said the team fell off their goal but are ready for another run next year.

“Season was good we fell short of our ultimate goal, but you can’t win them all. We have a lot of young talent, learn from this experience and come back next year to have another run at it,” Mardini said.  

Mardini said how hard the team learned from their games and is proud of them.  

“My team worked hard and did everything I asked them to do. It is part of learning with understanding what it is to be a teammate and still a good work ethic in participating. We went far, had a lot of good games and I am proud of them,” Mardini said.

The team began their season by hosting the Pierce Kickoff Classic in which they finished in third place. They lost the semifinal game against College of the Canyons in straight sets.

The team also got the upset over Cabrillo College who was the no. 1 seed. Cabrillo were undefeated before the Brahmas handed them their first loss.

Shari Volpis was the standout player this season as she registered 330 kills this season.

The Brahmas didn’t drop a set  until the game against El Camino College in which they lost in five sets.

Mardini said how their goal is to win confidence and to win state title, but everything else is bonus.  

“Winning streaks I don’t even think about it to be honest. The goal is to win confidence and that is what we are focusing on. After that is attend to state title, but everything else on the way is icing on the cake,”  Mardini said

Mardini talked about his 3 principles and how they shouldn’t be compromised.  

“I don’t compromise principles: master the fundamentals, compete like a lunatic and be an exceptionally good teammate. We have these three principles in our team that we abide by including myself. Doesn’t matter to me how talented you are as a player to me it is about principles that is really the solid foundation,” Mardini said.

Mardini talks about his coaching with inspiring and leading as example.  

“To me as a coach my job is making sure everyone is on the same page. Make sure to inspire my players to play at a higher level. The way to inspire is to example, being consistent and delivering the same message day in and day out,” Mardini said.

Mardini said how the future of the Brahmas’ volleyball is get new players and teach them the principles.  

“The future is doing the same thing by starting off recruiting young talent. To bring in Brahmas to buy in to the principles and concepts to have another run at the title,” Mardini said.

Kacy Hele, setter said how the team made a lot of growth and apply it to their futures.  

“Our season just ended and I was really disappointed by that, but overall I think our team made a lot of growth this year. Unfortunately, that growth came too late. For as far as that goes next year we can take that growth and apply it for our futures,” Hele said.  

Hele said how the team came together as a family and will continue playing volleyball.  

“For our team I think I was most happy that how we were able to come together as a family in the end when we needed each other. My future I definitely plan on continue volleyball for another three years. One more year at Pierce and hopefully upward division volleyball,” Hele said.

Catelynn Pulido, middle blocker said how it was a more of ups and downs season.

“Our season was one hell of a rollercoaster. Started off really strong and then we took a couple loses and learn from those losses to be better as players, as individuals and as a team. It was more of ups and down of wins and losses,” Pulido said.  

Pulido said how they improve in finishing the sets and were able to last the five sets.  

“I believe that the losses made us better and closer, because before we weren’t able to finish 3 sets in a row before we would win in four or five,” Pulido said. “So middle of the season we were able to win in three. Towards the end of the season, especially in Moorpark we were in a five set and usually we aren’t able to finish those sets, but we did.”

Pulido said how she will continue because the team have hungry players to win.

“I will be continuing next year because it will be a really fun season with the returners that will be coming back will be hungry. Since we did not win state and get set off to second play offs but the next year it is going to be interesting,” Pulido said.

Pulido said how her best moments were with Cairo Harell’s swings and how she would slam the ball.  

“My best moment would definitely have to be Cairo’s swings. They were in every game and were bomb, they would good up, high, slam through and go over. Here specialty was if there was an overpass Nabil will say “make them pay” and she would slam that ball right through the floor and it was amazing.”

The team finished with a 23-8 overall record, while in conference they went undefeated going 8-0.