AGS raises awareness about student debt

AGS raises awareness about student debt

Money is important. Being in debt is not.

But how many people are aware of national debt and how it affects citizens?  The Alpha Gamma Sigma Honor Society (AGS) decided it was time to shed light onto the topic.

AGS hosted National Debt Awareness Day on Wednesday, Nov. 29 in the Great hall. They had free pizza and raffles for students that attended the event.

“I know a lot of people are not really familiar with the problem, so just having the people coming in and seeing the information that is set up, gives people an opportunity to know the situation,” club member Tommy Molina said.

National debt refers to money owed by the federal government and the interests it obtains by not repaying it in time. The government goes into debt when it does not collect enough revenue to cover its expenses, CNBC reports.

Molina said there were quotes written on papers taped to the wall. Students wrote their opinions and perspectives about the subject.

An anonymous quote said, “This is our home. This is our future that is in jeopardy, and we need to do whatever we can.”

Another one read, “This is something that I don’t want my kids to worry about later on.”

Molina, 19, said that is important to spread awareness about an issue that affects the country.

One student wrote, “It’s important that people realize that without intervening, many programs such as social security and major health problems, will potentially end. I care about the national debt, because it affects my life.”

Mehrnaz Mir, a member of AGS, said that it is important for the club to inform students about this issue.

“I think it’s really amazing that we have all these resources on our campus,” Mir said. “It’s good for students to come and use all these resources and information.”

According to club member Nani Treas, 28, AGS President George Amparan arranged this event to share information about national debt.

“Eventually, the debt will get so out of control, that it will be difficult to provide money for schools,” Treas said. “Sometimes, people turn a blind eye to it because we don’t think it’s really tough for our economy to maintain a status.”

According to Molina, the AGS club is a good way to become connected with the campus and the Pierce community.

“I like how it forces you to be more of a Pierce student,” Molina said.

Mir said that people need to inform themselves about important issues that affect the nation, and this is what the AGS club is trying to provide.

“When you have information about something, you’re going to do better, so it’s going to change a lot,” Mir said.