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Con: Technological Distractions


It’s easy to say that technology distracts us, as it’s become so accustomed to our daily lives. Yet people often seem to forget why it distracts us, as it offers endless opportunity.

One evening, I was sitting in my room studying when I heard the sound of a guitar coming from my 9 year-old sister’s room. I walked in and she stopped playing. I asked her to play it again and she said, “get out of my room.” After numerous pleads she began to play Joan Jett’s 1981 hit, “I Love Rock N’ Roll.” Amazed, I asked her how she learned to play this and she said, “On the Internet, now get out of my room.”

Which made me wonder, how often do normal people learn something new on the internet? A pewinternet.org study states, “87 percent of people feel that the internet and technology have improved their ability to learn new things.”

Teachers are scrambling to find a way to keep their students engaged when they all have iPhone’s buzzing in their pockets. The use of technology in classrooms are the solution to the problem.

The use of technology is for the betterment of students, as many of them will go on to become our leaders one day. There’s no way that teacher-led lectures, with their outdated textbooks can compete with advances in technology.

In place of taking a phone away, create an app or game they can study with. Instead of boring the minds of our future world with outdated material, teachers now have this unique opportunity to teach like never before – By not teaching at all, and being replaced by robots.

Some people believe the role of teachers will change into more of a coach and facilitator while the real education will take place between robot and child. There are numerous benefits to having machine teach man, as it will save time, money and energy.

Sir Anthony Seldon, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Buckingham, said in an article by the Telegraph.co.uk, “Everyone can have the very best teacher and it’s completely personalised; the software you’re working with will be with you throughout your education journey.”

Seldon said that this technology is already being shipped across the world and is expected to revolutionize classrooms in the next 10 years or so.

We’re living in a sci-fi fantasy world that not even the minds of Ridley Scott and George Orwell could have ever conceived. Some people think technology is a “distraction,” and it is – but is that a bad thing?