Brahmas gore the Raiders

Brahmas gore the Raiders

The men’s volleyball team (6-6) built on their victory over Grossmont College (2-11) last week with a win over the Moorpark College Raiders (6-6) on Friday in a straight set win.

The Brahmas, ranked no. 9, won the game,  (25-23, 25-13, 25-19) which stunted the Raiders’ two-game winning streak.

Cole Chea led the game with 12 kills and Bernardo Roese had 36 assists.

Head Coach Lance Walker described the Brahmas’ rivalry with the Raiders as a positive one and said that he expected his team to go out and defeat their conference rival in hopes of earning a higher position for the postseason.

“If we win conference, we go to the playoffs and get a bid into the final eight,” Walker said. “Everybody on the team knows what it takes to win and succeed in the moment. A game can be won in the beginning, middle or end, and I am just hoping we go out there and give it our best game.”

Neither team gained an advantage of more than four points in the first set, as  Chea had a kill that gave the team their first set win.

The Brahmas ended the second set with a 25-13 score. Morgan Wadlow, outside hitter, said the Brahmas turned the game around after figuring out the style of play presented by the Raiders.

“The first set is always the one where you analyze and see how good a team is,” Wadlow said. “In the second set, we knew how to come out and play after beating them.”

The Brahmas scored seven points in the third set, which ended in a 25-19 set victory and straight set sweep for the Brahmas.

In the third set, Wadlow completed a hustle play that drew in a reaction from the crowd. Wadlow credited his performance to his prior reading to the play.

“You have to stay ready,” Wadlow said. “Once it comes to me, my job is to put it away.”

Along with Walker, Wadlow alluded to the importance of this game in particular and how it has impacted the Brahmas’ hopes for the season.

“We haven’t been playing to our expectations lately,” Wadlow said. “This is probably the most pivotal game of the season, and it should set the tone.”

Walker said every player has now been cleared to participate.

“I believe this is our fourth year in a row that we have had 100 percent academic eligibility, which is great,” Walker said. “Now, going into conference, we are at full strength, so I feel we have all the pieces we need to execute our game plans, and that’s exciting.”

Walker said he thinks highly of his players and wants them to play at the best of their ability when competing.

“I already know these players are fantastic individuals and great people,” Walker said. “I just hope players on both sides of the net play their best game, every game.”

Steven Blugrind, grey shirt, credited the connection his teammates have with one another.

“We’re very close with one another, all of us are friends here,” Blugrind said.

The Brahmas next game is away. They will play against the Santa Barbara City College Vaqueros on Friday, March 23, at 6 p.m.