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Streetbeat: Robots


What role will robots play in our future?

“They will probably do everything for us. We’ll be couch potatoes. They’ll cook, they’ll clean, they’ll bathe us.”
-Yesenia Alvarado, Business Management, 18

“They will be driving for us, they already are. We are just going to be the passengers, it may be a little bit safer that way.”
-Dylan Calte, Kinesiology, 19

“Delivery. We have drones right now and Amazon. It’s going to be so awesome when they get that done right.”
-Andrew Svolos, Undecided, 19

“Cleaners, car manufacturing, factories. I think we are going to have robots to order food, so no waiters. Pretty much work that can be easily replaced.”
-Gor Barsegyan, Social and Behavioral Sciences, 18

Photos by Stephen Nicholson