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Pro: Creativity

In the age of social media, individuals are acquiring more creativity.

When looking closely at what social media has become, one can see how it is part of our daily lives. Social media is essentially a tool for the benefit of our creativity.

Social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat support different types of media including images, video and audio. Each of these act as a platform for artists to express themselves in a variety of ways.

As technology develops, people are better able to present their ideas to a much wider audience than ever before, encouraging people that otherwise wouldn’t be interested in making art.

The internet is a major source of creative ideas that millions access daily, each bringing their own influence on the online world.

In The Guardian article titled, “Is technology making us more creative?” Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic writes that there is a large number of innovative products and services in the digital revolution that transformed a significant part of our lives.

“There has been an explosion of creative activity in the technology space: there are over 3m apps, and 300 hours of YouTube video are uploaded every minute,” Chamorro-Premuzic wrote. “According to some estimates, every two minutes we snap as many pictures as the entire population of the world did in the 1800s.”

Some may argue that individuals aren’t creative anymore because ideas are being used from the internet, it takes an inspired, creative mindset to be engaging and get people’s attention.

Being a part of social media requires a tremendous supply of creative ideas for content. Any post in diverse forms show creativity on behalf of the publisher as it is their own personal beliefs on display. It’s not making us less creative, it’s giving us a boost to get our ideas recognized and getting inspiration from previous individuals.

Social media for many is a way to stay in touch with contemporary culture and that is the basis for most artistic ideas.

On YouTube, some videos posted daily receive hundreds of millions of views, greatly influencing major audiences and ultimately spreading ideas and creativity.

As YouTube stars post videos and get a huge amounts of feedback from their subscribers. Fans are able to give them ideas, therefore expanding their creativity as society continues to see examples of how collaboration and social creativity play a significant role to the modern age.

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