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Con: Playing Favorites

Teachers are some of the most important people in this world. Which is why it is an educator’s responsibility to treat their students fairly and equally.

It’s unfortunate that teachers are prone to choose favorites, as a student shouldn’t have to rely on there likability to get a good grade.

Author Michael Linsin wrote in his Smart Classroom Management article titled, “Why Playing Favorites Is Bad For Classroom Management,” that not all students are automatically a “favorite.”

“To create a dream classroom and the teaching experience you really want, you must continually work toward a trusting and influential relationship with your students,” Linsin worte. “Playing favorites makes this an impossibility.”

With ever-changing curriculums and college acceptance rates becoming more difficult than ever, a student’s future, in most cases, relies heavily on their report cards.

To have a student’s grades altered in any way due to the student not seeing eye-to-eye with an instructor is wrong. And to have a student who did poorly in a class get a good grade based off of there likability is just as bad, if not worse.

The type of teaching where grades are based off of participation makes picking favorites a part of the curriculum, which is unfair. Teachers should have the awareness and sternness to spot a brown-noser from a hard worker.

Niche.com reports that Harvard University is the hardest school in America, with an acceptance rate of only 5.4 percent.

It’s unrealistic to have teachers in America grade students on how much they enjoyed their presence in class. Likeability doesn’t get you into Harvard, hard work does.

There’s no room for favorites in classrooms. It’s a teachers job to treat everyone fairly no matter race, gender, sexuality, etc.

A teachers job is to lead by example and if they aren’t presenting a good example by picking and choosing who they like and don’t like, they shouldn’t be teaching.

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