Con: Student Politics

Mentioning politics on a college campus is not the main focus of an education, and is therefore unimportant.

Including student politics to college campus life is unnecessary and a distraction to what students come to school for.

Student-run politics on a college campus screams “out of control.” The responsibility the students take on and the actions that they are expected to take are stressful.

Students go to school to attend their classes and continue their day by working or going home to complete additional tasks. Adding an additional extracurricular activity, like student politics, overwhelms their schedule and isn’t a good idea.

In the U.S. News article, “Research Campus Politics to Find Right College,” author Briana Boyington wrote that being a college student who is in a minority group is difficult enough without added stressors.

“Add campus protests, controversial federal policies and violence against black, brown, Muslim and LGBT students and safety and poor emotional health also became issues,” Boyington wrote.

It is important to share political views, especially as a college student. But giving students the free will to say and do what they want because of student politics can be thought of as going overboard.

Students attend college and take classes that are needed for them to further their education. As soon as politics are added into students lifestyle’s, it is yet another distraction added on to busy schedules.

Giving all students an opportunity to speak and protest about how they feel about a certain subject going on in their campus can be unpredictable and disruptive.

Many students wish they could change things on their campus, but not enough put effort into helping one another or starting any kind of protest or movement.

Students who are free to share and take action of their political thoughts and views hold a sense of power that they will be able to use and take advantage of.

Giving students the freedom which exists within the student politics present at colleges is a distraction and doesn’t help the way college is supposed to function.

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