Streetbeat: Student Body President

If you were student body president, what would you implement and why?

“The agricultural side [of campus] needs to be redone. It looks very unorganized, and it could be better and tended to.”
-Bryson Wesley, 22, Dance

“I want the school to be holistic and for everyone to feel like they belong here.”
-Kimberly Camacho, 22, Anthropology and Biology

“First and foremost, I would say to reduce the price of the cafe, because I can go there for eight dollars or nine dollars. As a student, that’s not cheap.”
-Abhijit Chhabra, 21, Accounting

“Classrooms are pretty small. There are 45 students and not enough seats. I would probably change that.”
-Naomi Raepowdrell, 20, Music

Photos by Natalie Miranda