Error 501: Website update not implemented

Error 501: Website update not implemented

LACCD was supposed to have a district-wide update for its websites, but for the past three years, Pierce College has not updated some of its options, which include some club and teacher information.

Pierce IT Manager Mark Henderson said many changes have been made and more changes are to come.

“A project is currently underway to re-do the Pierce College website. We are awaiting for a contract to be signed to begin work,” Henderson wrote in an email.

Pierce officials said that a contract has already been signed, but it needs to go through the next level of review so that local IT can develop the project plan.

“Once we get the contract signed by local leadership, reviewed by district contracting personnel and ratified by the Board of Trustees, we can then begin to work with the vendor on the project plan to begin within this calendar year,” Henderson said.

The web architect who is supposed to work on the Pierce website is confirmed to be on record.

“However, it is the IT manager that assigns the tasks as directed by senior leadership,” Henderson said. “It is the role of all web personnel to work on the website.”

Kinesiology major Hermain Mariano said she is concerned about the lack of updates.

“Regardless that the general school information has not changed over time, the website’s format could use some changes for accessibility purposes,” Mariano said.

Mariano said she hasn’t had trouble accessing the college website until recently.

“The link to the student portal has been inaccessible due to the new promotion of the student portal app available for smartphones,” Mariano said.

Mariano said she is disappointed and feels somewhat uncared for as a student.

“I feel that it’s a big deal. It’s unfair to have not been prioritized as most LACCD colleges,” she said.  

Web Architect Carlos Guzman was unavailable to comment about the web update.

The web architect designs, develops, and maintains the technical architecture of web-based applications.