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Streetbeat: Comfort Zone


Tell me about a time you left your comfort zone…

“When I decided to seek God. I was in a place where I really wasn’t feeling good about myself and I needed to do something different. It wasn’t a comfortable thing to do, but it was really rewarding in the end.”
-April Carias, 24, Undecided

“I ride horses and one of the first times I went over a fairly substantial jump. It was scary. The way I came over that was just knowing that I know what I’m doing. I’m prepared for this, and I know that my horse is going to take care of me.”
-Emily Kennedy, 19, Animal Life Science

“Coming to Pierce because it’s so different from high school. I’m so used to being around Hispanic people since I am Hispanic, but this is like a diverse community and everybody is so nice here.”
-Marlene Coronado, 19, Nursing

Photos by Damiesha Williams