A laboratory for growth

A laboratory for growth

The rumble of kids on tricycles as they zoom past and the flick of a paintbrush on canvas might seem like fun leisure activities. However, they are more likely teachable moments for the children who occupy the Child Development Center at Pierce College.

Behind the locked glass doors, the child development center serves as a daily care facility to Pierce College students and the community. A separate function of the center is to act as a laboratory for students who are studying in the field of child development.

While the students have a place to grow in their field, the children do as well. For example, each step involved in painting on canvas provides an opportunity to redirect negative energy into positive or understand primary colors.

Building critical thinking and social skills are the main focus of the professors, caretakers, and teaching assistants. Separate yards of the center offer a variety of activities such as sand and water play as well as swing sets and art activities.

Even the simple act of hanging up a coat or helping others in the yard are ways that a child can learn something, according to Melissa Brisbois, lead teacher.