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Celebrate Transfer Day

The time has come again when Pierce College holds its annual Transfer Day Celebration!

Along with the transfer celebration, it was also UCLA and CSUN Day.

Sunday Salter, Transfer Center Director said, “The celebration is open to all students; any transferring student can come, in fact any student can come. We have games, prizes, ice cream, churros, hot dogs, and a photo booth.”

The celebration took place on the mall near the Brahma Bull, May 3, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Most students have received emails and letters from universities stating whether they are admitted or not. To celebrate the success of students, Pierce College holds the Transfer Day event.

Transfer Center counselor Akadina Amrekhasadeh stated, “For students who are transferring this year in 2018, we’re celebrating them and letting them know we appreciate their hard work, and ready to send them off to success and reach their goals.”

Andy Pelaez, student majoring in Computer Science, stated he was transferring to Humboldt State University. He’s excited and is also the first son going to college and said he wants to be an example for his siblings.

“I’m the first son, first brother, first uncle, first one,” Pelaez said.

Amy Mendel, student majoring in Child Development, is transferring to CSUN in Fall 2018. “This celebration has gotten me more excited and the photo booth was fun, I liked that,” said Mendel.

There were many booths for the students to ask questions to the representatives and also booths for carnival games, food, and prizes!

On the Mall, there were different departments from UCLA and CSUN helping students understand majors and finding the right path, as they will begin their journey at a new institution.

Not only was this event for transfer students, it was also for students who are still taking classes and graduating next year. Amrekhasadeh said it is inspirational to see all all the students completing their transfer journey as it will motivate future transfer students.

Albert Ben-Yair, Business Marketing major, has two semesters left at Pierce College and is planning on transferring to CSUN for Fall 2019. Ben-Yair said, “I’ve been on the campus and I like it, so I think I’d get comfortable and adapt to the social scene and classes.”

Amrekhasadeh said there was an advice booth for future transfer students to read get into the groove. She said that the whole goal of the event was inspiring and motivating.

“We just want to have a fun atmosphere out here to let students know that we want to support them whether they already applied and got in or if they’re still working on their transfer,” said Salter.

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