Con: Bachelor’s Degree

There are individuals who pay thousands of dollars to pursue a higher education and strengthen their skills, and there are individuals who are born with the skills.

A worker with the same skills as someone who has a bachelor’s degree is not inferior to the educated person, and they might, in fact, be a better qualified employee. Employers should see passed the education and focus on the skills that would benefit their business.

A natural-born artist’s skills and creativity will not compare to that of a worker who learned their skills from school because, in reality, they never had the freedom to create their original artwork. On the other hand, an individual who is naturally good with technology shouldn’t need to spend four years pursuing education and taking computer classes.

According to TIME magazine, Bill Gates is considered one of Harvard’s “most successful dropouts.” Even without obtaining a degree, his skills enabled him to become a well-known entrepreneur and owner of the Microsoft company.

Preparation for a job is crucial, which you wouldn’t get from books and power points . Hands-on experience that individuals get from internships or jobs prior to the one they’re currently applying for should recognize their experience as much as their education.

In a CNNMoney article titled “Employers value skills over college degrees, workers say,” author Les Christie wrote that a survey completed by job site Glassdoor showed that 72 percent of the individuals valued training and skills more than a college degree.

Bachelor’s degrees add competition to a field, but at the end of the day, employers prefer the candidates with experience. A study by Liberty Street Economics showed that 62 percent of graduates are working in a job requiring a degree, while 27 percent are working in jobs that relate to their major.

A bachelor’s degree doesn’t have the same value it used to have, and has now become just another requirement in the list of prerequisites for employees. Overall, skills and experience top education.

Even if a possible candidate has a bachelor’s or any other degree, employers like to see the experience you have to choose who will benefit the company the most. Seeing passed the levels of education is how the world knows great entrepreneurs, like Bill Gates, in today’s society.