Editorial – To write or not to write (in a center)

Editorial – To write or not to write (in a center)

Being prepared for an essay or writing assignment not only saves students time and stress, but it can also help students succeed throughout their college career.  

College classes require students to acquire various writing styles to satisfy assignments that are critical to their success. As such, Pierce should incorporate a writing center that students can visit to receive tips on how to write a better academic paper.

Pierce College already has the Center for Academic Success (CAS), which provides one-on-one meet ups with tutors that are experienced in various subjects. However, the CAS doesn’t allow tutors to mark a student’s paper. Rather, tutors are only allowed to speculate and consult with students. A writing center would give tutors the freedom to help students write and fix sentences on their assignments.  

The University of Texas, Dallas reports that writing centers enhance student performances through relationships and allows students to take more risks with their writing.

The website states, “We believe that absence of evaluation by the tutors allows the students to express concerns and doubts, take risks, draw on personal resources and knowledge, and make choices about their work.”

The California State University, San Bernardino (CSUSB) has a writing center that half of its students attend every year. According to the college website, the CSUSB Writing Center conducts more than 10,000 one-to-one student writing conferences each year.

Pierce College should set up a writing center inside the library, giving students a comfortable environment in which to learn.

With a writing center, students will be able to hone their essay skills and be more successful in their classes.