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Pierce plateaus versus Mesa

As the saying goes, never bring a knife to a gun-fight. That is exactly what the Brahmas did last Saturday when they hosted the San Diego Mesa College Olympians.

The Olympians got out in front early in the first quarter when receiver Dejon Smith dragged his toes in the front of the end zone for his first of two touchdowns in the first quarter.

The Brahmas struggled to move the ball, totalling -19 yards in the first quarter.

Pierce had a couple opportunities in the second quarter fueled by fumbled punts by the Olympians. However, the San Diego Mesa defense clamped down, forcing a turnover on downs and an interception on those two possessions.

The Olympians added a field goal before halftime, and went to the locker room leading the Brahmas 16-0.

“We’ve got to get something together,” said quarterback Jonathan Saavedra on the sideline.

The third quarter opened with another touchdown from the Olympians.

Watching in frustration was Brahmas alumni and current corner for Mexico City’s Mayas LFA Jonathan Tinajero.

“They’ve got to find that sense of urgency. They look great, but they need unity,” Tinajero said. “Something is holding them back like a bacteria. It needs to be removed immediately. Removed by the root.”

The third quarter ended with the Brahmas down 29-0.

“There’s too many people playing for themselves and not enough people playing for the team.” said Brahmas receiver Malik Ferguson.

Tinajero stood quietly at the sidelines brooding.

“The players are too focused on getting scholarships, but what they don’t realize is that the only way to a scholarship is to win,” Tinajero said.

Quaterbacks coach Jeremy Boyle described the cause of the loss as San Diego Mesa’s raw muscle and discipline.

At the post game huddle, the collective feeling was a mutual frustration. After a few players traded a few jabs head coach Carlos Woods was quick to stomp the raw emotion

“We should have capitalized on their weaknesses, but the thing we lacked today was discipline,” Woods said. “We lost the game the moment we stepped on the field.”

The Brahmas next game is Saturday, Sept. 22, when they head to LA Valley College to take on the rival Monarchs for the Victory Bell. Kickoff is scheduled for 7 p.m.


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