Pro: Students working full-time

If a student doesn’t have a solidified method for covering their school expenses, they should have a job.

Students should not only rely on financial aid to pay for their classes and textbooks. There are many things that can go wrong such as: application error, missing files or a lengthy disbursement.

There are students on campus who, in the sixth week of the semester, are still waiting on their financial aid. Given the long process, students need a more reliable source of income.

Having a job can serve as a backup plan when problems occurs. It is a great relief knowing that you have a paycheck on the way. Taking out a loan hurts in the long run. Even if money is not crucial now, it could be in the future. It’s better to have money than no options at all.

Working while going to school can serve as an easier transition into the workforce after completing school. It can also be something to fall back on after college when searching for a job in your field.

Many jobs want to hire people who have had experience in a workplace. When you’re in a classroom, you want to work with your friends, but at a job you have to work with peers.

Working as a student not only provides you the experience you need for when you’re out of school; it allows you to make more friends, which notably gives you an opportunity to network with all types of people. These connections can help you get the job you want in the future.

Many may argue that a full-time student, who has to take a minimum of 12-units, that also works will be failing their classes because they will have no time to study. However, according to the Washington Post article “Why more teenagers and college students need to work while in school,” writer Jeffrey Selingo said that balancing work and school is a valuable skill.

“Research has shown that students who are employed while in high school or college allocate their time more efficiently, learn about workplace norms and responsibilities, and are motivated to study harder in their classes so they can achieve a certain career goal.”

Having a job while being a full-time student is not something everyone is capable of doing, but those who are willing to push themselves should seize the opportunity.