58.6 F
Los Angeles
Friday, January 15, 2021

Pirates sail over Joe Kelly Field

In a game where the starting temperature was 48 degrees, the Brahmas pitching went cold against Ventura College in a 15-4 loss on Thursday, Feb. 21.

Assistant coach Virgil Hill jokingly took responsibility for the Brahmas loss after discovering he left his earrings on during the game.

“I forgot that I actually had them in, I totally take blame for this loss,” Hill said. “You just don’t do it in the game of baseball.You don’t wear earrings, you tuck your jewelry in, you just respect the game, respect your opponents, respect your team.”

The Brahmas likely lost two of their top starting pitchers for the season so head coach Bill Picketts had to get creative with his pitching staff.

“Today, and not to take anything away from the guys that threw, but there was a lot of inexperience,” said Picketts. “I was just trying to get them out there to get some innings and their inexperience showed.”

They ended up using five pitchers to get through the game.

Picketts said that they did however have better approach at the plate this game. It was something they practiced the day before the game.

“We took better at bats. Yesterday we worked on nothing but at bats at practice and having a better approach to hitting,” Picketts said. “Dirk Ryan looked way better today. He’s been struggling. He had a couple of hits. Diego Harris had a couple of hits and we just had overall a better approach.”

Diego Harris had two hits in the game and one drove in one of the Brahmas’ four runs.

Center fielder Diego Harris said that staying focused was what allowed him to be successful.

“I was keeping my eyes on the ball and I was taking advantage of what the pitcher gave me.” Harris said.

Infielder Dirk Ryan also had two hits in the game.

Ryan said he was very focused on what the pitcher was throwing at him which made him successful at the plate.

“I’ve been worried he threw me a first pitch fastball. So I was like, you make sure to watch a strike first and then he started throwing me off speed and I read everything.” Ryan said. “I felt good and I knew I had a three one count, I I just got to swing. I heard my dad just be like, get ready to Dirk. I saw my pitch I put a good swing on it”

Even after a tough loss, Picketts is optimistic for the season.

“I’m not worried at all this, I’ve been doing this a long time. I don’t want to say they’re not important, but before the conference starts is when things are important, as long as you get out of the non-conference games healthy, that’s really all we’re looking to do.”

The Brahmas are scheduled to play against Pasadena City College on Feb. 23 at Brookside Park. First pitch is at noon.

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