Donut Time anytime

Donut Time anytime

Associated Student Organization (ASO) kicked off the semester with a chance to win free gifts, mingle, and learn more about programs at school at the Donut Time student engagement event.

Kimberly Castillo who is the Peer to Peer Mentor of Special Assignment looked at the event as a place for students to get to know ASO.

“We try to do things that would bring everyone in, get them to relax and enjoy,” Castillo said. “Most students here don’t know this part of the college exists.”

ASO is a program that has many programs within itself to help all types of students in need, according to Castillo. One of the organizations represented at the event was Umoja, a black community program on campus.

Jennifer Halpern, a Umoja representative, said the organization helps build a sense of community for students on campus.

“[Umoja] helps with HBCU (historically black colleges and universities) transfer and other things around the school and the community as well as field trips to different universities,” Halpen said.

Halpen and the Umoja program has been working alongside foreign exchange students and helping them acclimate to the culture in America.  

“We have a program for an international student who needs help with visa and becoming a citizen of the United States. Our doors are always open so we use these program as a way to open our are and extend help where help is needed.”

Sidra Bahadar, Supervisor of the Mentor group, said they wanted an event that would be cost-effective, but get students to come.

“The peer mentor group got together and came up with the idea of donuts. Pierce resources sponsor the events so we try to do things that don’t cost to expensive and donuts just so happen to be something that was very convenient and fast to put up,” said Sidra Bahadar, the supervisor of the mentor group.

Isabel Mejia, a nursing student, was engaged in the offerings at the event.

“I don’t know what donut I just choose but it looks interesting,” Isabel Mejia, a nursing student said. “I’m walking around asking a question for the scavenger hunt so hopefully I win the raffle.”

“I like the event, but as I’m watching my friend play the scavenger hunt, I’m learning about different things in this event as well,” said student Lizbeth Aguilar.

Castillo said that ASO plans on hosting more events similar to this in hopes of engaging the student body. This level of student engagement has become a fulfilling part of her job.

“I have been part of this program for two years and I love it. I get to see students enjoy our events,” Castillo said.