Pro: Abundant courses for success

Pro: Abundant courses for success

More classes should be added to Pierce College during the winter and summer sessions because it helps students transfer and graduate faster, gives more flexibility, saves money, and keeps students’ brains active.

Students need to complete a total of 60 transferable units worth of classes. Many of the transferable classes are very popular and they are hard to get in to sometimes for students.  

According to, one of the main reasons why 60 percent of community college students never transfer is because of overcrowded campuses.

By adding more classes during the winter and summer intercessions, students enroll into those pesky chemistry classes that are usually full during the regular fall and spring semester. This gives students more flexibility when planning their schedule throughout their college career.

If fewer classes were available during these times, that would cause the popular classes to be full, therefore some students won’t be able to take classes they need. If more students had options to take classes during the winter and summer semester then they wouldn’t have to worry about crashing classes during the fall and spring semester.

One of the most significant benefits of the addition of more winter and summer courses would be a quicker progression out of community college to a four-year institution. A majority of students plan on transferring to higher education and often have a limited time limit to complete their major prep requirements.

If more classes were added during the intercession semesters, then that means more classrooms to hold more students, rather than filling a load of students in fewer classrooms.

With more room to breathe in classrooms, instructors will be available to help assist students more easily. This will also help reduce the class sizes for all semesters and help give instructors more personal attention towards students.

If classes seem to be impacted, then students will have a chance to be taking extra classes in another unnecessary semester. When students take classes, they not only pay for the class itself, but other necessities too. These necessities include semester fees, food, and transportation. According to the Pierce website, an average of $1,098 is spent on transportation during a semester.

If students were given more options, then students wouldn’t have to take an extra semester just because they couldn’t take it during the winter and summer semester. Not to mention this also wastes valuable time for students too.

If more classes aren’t available to students, then students won’t have an active brain during their winter or summer vacation. According to, one of their reasons to take summer classes is because it will keep students’ brains active all year round. Most students forget about schoolwork during their vacation and return to their studies with a foggy mind.

If more classes were added during the summer semester, then students have the option to choose to study and focus during the summer keeping their brain active. This will lead to better grades and motivation for the student in the following semester. Adding more classes will not only benefit students, but instructors as well.

More classes means more options for instructors to teach. It’s a win-win situation for both students and professors if more classes were available for the winter and summer semester.

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