A town hall is needed to voice concerns

A town hall is needed to voice concerns

Pierce College should consider having a monthly town hall meeting so that students voices are heard and not ignored.  Since students use their hard earn money to pay their way to school it is only right that our administrators take the time to hear the concerns of students.

Sean Duffy, who is a congressman that represents the 7th district of Wisconsin. On his website,  Our government works best when representatives and constituents can hear directly from each other. Even when we disagree on some policy issues, we can still discuss the issues of the day in a respectful, positive manner.”

According to Odyssey.com, town hall meetings allows you to meet the people who represent you so you can discuss issues that are important. Exercising your right as an American citizen and having your voice heard allows for open dialogue between officials and constituents. It is a good way for the community and constituents to share concerns.

In this case, our administrators and the student body along with state and local representatives, would be at the town hall meetings because it is the students who pay for tuition, and it’s community members who pay taxes.

A town hall meeting would be an effective place to voice concerns