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Promises Kept

Free community college provided by The Los Angeles College Promise Grant is helping build the City of Angels into a city of graduates.

The Los Angeles College Promise student enrollment has jumped 25 percent. This will increase the number of community college graduates, university transfer and workforce-ready students throughout our region.

According to lacollegepromise.org the grant has now been extended to help even more college students all over Los Angeles.

The most important aspects of the Los Angeles College Promise are the waived tuition for the first year of college, priority enrollment at LACCD’s nine colleges and a dedicated support team providing a wide array of academic and student support services.

According to Crystal Kiekel the Director for the Center of Academic Success, the grant is much more than just any ordinary grant.

College Promise is much more than a grant, it’s an opportunity to connect students to a network of learners and support,” said Kiekel. “Pierce Promise aims to help students by connecting them to the curriculum, peer networks, and support staff that can help them succeed throughout and beyond their educational journey.”

Kiekel also mentioned how all students can benefit from mentoring, tutoring, events, counseling, and financial aid as well as how the promise grant sheds a light on all those things.

What College Promise does is package it all so that a student knows where to find it all,” Kiekel said. “I think that we should make it that easy for everyone to access the programs and services that are available to our students.”

According to Kiekel, not only will the one year of free tuition help students but priority enrollment and a support team are a sure way to help students achieve their goal.

For business management major Michael Stevens the Los Angeles College Promise is a great way to give everyone a chance to succeed in college.

“I think that it’s an awesome opportunity for everyone to be able to have,” said Stevens. “It gives people a chance to figure out what they want to do for free for that first year and that definitely helps out a lot of people.”

While the Los Angeles Promise grant is sure to help many, Wendy Bass the Coordinator for Pierce Online has been working on new grants that are sure to help many as well.

“We have been working on a grant that will give us five new online certificates including routing technologies, public education, task preparation, office communications, and social media,” said Bass.

This will allow students to earn online certificates which can help them earn living wages while finishing up the rest of their classes.

With the Los Angeles Promise Grant in effect along with a variety of many other scholarships and grants available, there has never been a better time to sign up at Pierce College.

For more information on eligibility and other grants along with financial aid information please visit the Financial Aid website here.

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