Clothing drives on campus can help students

Clothing drives on campus can help students

The average consumer may purchase clothes and wear it once or twice, and in some cases not at all. This leaves them with clothing that they do not use on a regular basis and taking up room in their closet or home.

Pierce College should offer a clothing drive for its students. Most college students struggle with two jobs, school, car and food payments. Some barely make enough to make ends meet.

A clothing drive is items that some people do not want or no longer use that can be donated. This can be clothes, shoes, books and other items.

If Pierce offered a clothing drive this would give students an opportunity to get new clothes without worrying if they will have enough to each or pay their bills.

Pierce can make it an annual event at the beginning of each semester students have the ability to get new clothes to use.

This can also help because the items that were not taken can be used for emergencies.

One example being when the fires broke out near Pierce and families needed to evacuate they left without their belongings and some people left without clothes.

Some clothes can also be left with S.T.A.S.H for emergencies.

An article by PocketSense said “When you donate clothes to organizations that sell them in thrift stores, such as Goodwill, you are helping the environment.Recycling clothing helps the environment in a similar way as recycling bottles, paper and cans does.”

A clothing drive can help the environment and students focused on their studies.