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Preview: Intersquad Madness

The Black and Red Madness is back after a year with a new name.

Men’s basketball are hosting the Intersquad Game Madness, an event to tip off to the 2019-2020 season on Saturday.

Head coach Charles White said it is the Brahma’s version of the Midnight Madness.

“The event is something we have been doing in the past. When I took over two and a half years ago, I decided to bring it in,” White said.

According to White, the purpose of the event is to show students and families team’s talents and to have fun.

“We will have a dunk contest and a lot of players look forward to it,” White said.

The event is not sponsored, although White said they get donations for a snack bar.

“I had hope to really push it one day where the school would come out and see the players, but at the junior college people don’t get too excited about seeing the players,” White said.

According to White, women’s basketball used to participate in the past few years.

Pierce College students are encouraged to attend this event where they will get to see the basketball team.

The spectacle of Intersquad Game Madness will also culminate in student opportunity to participate in overtime activities.

Guard Robert Salone is excited about the upcoming event.

“This is a chance to see what we look like, compete and have fun,” Salone said.

Salone is one of the returning players and is optimistic about the upcoming season.

“We are really athletic this year and we have guys who really jump,” Salone said.

White said the Red and Black teams will be selected randomly.

“I’m going to put the names in a hat and we will do a draft to pick the teams,” White said. “It’s usually pretty fun. We flip a coin between the two assistant coaches and whoever wins, gets first one draft.” 

 According to White, in addition to presenting what team has been working on, it is a chance for him to sit back and watch his players. White said the purpose of the event is to also help players get used to the new rules.

“The referees that come out, will do a little clinic. They are going to give us all the new rules that are going to be enforced this year,” White said.

According to White, the coach transition could be difficult for players so they have been working on the team unity.

“It’s tough when you have two different coaches,” White said. “Last year they had one coach and we were on the same page. Then they got me back again and with that, you have different players, so we have to learn to be on the same page.”

White said one of the exciting things this year is that the players have have length, are bouncy and can shoot.

Deon Williams is one of the new faces on the team. He is looking forward to the Intersquad Game Madness.

“The event is to show our skills and what we got to showcase for the upcoming season,” Williams said.

People will be able to see what the team have been working on so far and enjoy the show, according to Williams.

The Intersquad Game Madness takes place on Oct. 12 starting at 3 p.m. at Ken Stanley Court. 


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