Opinion: iPhones vs Androids

Opinion: iPhones vs Androids

For: iPhones

By: Navodya Dharmasiriwardena

One man’s vision of a “computer for the rest of us” has brought technology to where it is today.

Cell phones have become a normal part of day to day life. While they may simply be screens, smartphones and computers are capable of revealing different parts of a person’s personality, habits and behaviors.

Although there are various devices and softwares available, Apple’s iOS is usually favored by most people.

According to statista.com, the iPhone has been the most popular amongst the other products sold by Apple.

“The iPhone’s share of Apple’s total revenue reached the highest figure to date in the first quarter of 2018, when 69.74% of Apple’s total revenue worldwide was generated by iPhone sales.”

Apple Inc. is one of the biggest names in the tech industry alongside Android.

However, iOS is usually more reliable to customers in terms of security and privacy.

According to tomsguide.com, Apple goes the extra mile to provide its users safety, “The latest example is Face ID, which securely logs you into the iPhone using a 3D scan of your face via a TrueDepth sensor.”

With better quality apps and long-lasting battery life, iOS wins the battle again.

Offering pleasant and appealing icons, they are often aesthetically designed and easily catches one’s eye.

The improved cameras in the iPhone 11 has 12 megapixels compared to the 8 megapixels in the previous version. With newer features such as its wide, ultrawide and telephoto lens, the three cameras have gotten a lot of attention from the media.

When there’s a problem with an Android device, users can try to find a solution online or by calling their carrier.

With the iOS system, help can be found by looking through the frequently asked questions (FAQ), booking an appointment at the Genius Bar or with the live chat support.

Android does not offer face to face services for their system, instead the customer has to go to the carrier or the phone maker to get assistance on any issue.

Therefore, they do not have that direct relationship with its customers.

While the iPhone is of high quality, users aren’t deprived of the newest and fastest technology because they are made for the average person.

For: Android

By: Paola Castillo

The internet is filled with memes portraying Androids as the source for pixelated pictures, emojis replaced with vertical rectangles and the infamous “we had that already” said by its users.

It’s been shown that smartphones users who buy androids have a tendency to stay with android devices.

According to the Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP), Android had a customer loyalty of 89% to 91% from Jan. 2016 to Dec. 2017.

Why android devices sell more and have a loyal consumer base can be the cause of many factors. One of the more obvious reasons is the price tag attached to the devices.

Android is known for having a wide variety of prices for their devices. The Moto G7 is priced at $300 while the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is priced at $1,000.

For avid smartphone users, a long and durable battery life is a must, whether it’s for picture taking or gaming. Although both systems have similar battery specs, Android has the upperhand.

According to Simon Hill for Digitaltrends.com, apart from having a longer battery life, Android devices that are capable of fast charging will always carry the adapter in the box.

Android has also been known for having smartphone devices that can fit the needs of its user.

Hill reports that you can add widgets, shortcuts, and change the entire interface with launchers on an android phone.

The Android path is the path for those who want to store cherished memories and countless amount of information.

Android devices will automatically back up pictures and videos to Google Photos through the photos app on the device. Google Photos also has an unlimited amount of free storage space.

Hill said Google offers free 15 GB cross platform storage when it comes to cloud storages. He adds Google priced 2 TB of storage at $10 a month and the cloud storage is easier and more effective.

Overall, Android makes budget friendly devices that can be customized, have a longer battery life and generous storage space. The percent of loyal customers are there to prove it.

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