On a day where many students dressed up, baseball joined in the Halloween spirit by playing their annual Backwards Baseball Game.

This is a tradition that was started by baseball’s head coach Bill Picketts as a way to have a break from the normal practices.

“The players love having fun. In the years we did this, it was successful. It is a challenge though because they have to do things differently. They must run backwards, throw and catch with their opposite hand,” Picketts said.

The players were required to do everything backward. They hit from the opposite side, threw with their non-dominant hand and ran to third base after putting the ball in play. They even had to run facing the base where they were previously.

The majority of players decided to dress in traditional Halloween costumes, such as Superman and Scooby Doo, but Kenny Baumgartner decided to dress as Picketts.

Hakeem Yatim wore a magnet with baby chicks glued to it. He said it was his first time participating in this tradition. 

“I had joined the team in the spring. It is a great way to let loose for a bit. Some people will have good plays, while others will mess up,” Yatim said. “I feel I have to be creative with my costume.”

Zack Garcia dressed as a UPS delivery man for his mom, who works for the company.

“My mother does so much,” Garcia said. “And even though it was tough to run backwards because I fell down, it was fun and I enjoyed it.”