Stayin’ Alive Stayin’ Alive

Stayin’ Alive Stayin’ Alive

Following their draw to the Hancock College Bulldogs, soccer went on the road to face the Oxnard College Condors.

In a close game, Pierce returned to winning ways beating the Condors 2-1.

Head coach Adolfo Perez said his team were down in numbers, but still managed to get the win.

“We only had 12 players available. We lost Gabriela [Portillo] after the Hancock game which is obviously a blow to us,” Perez said.

Pierce only needed 11 minutes to take the lead through Diana Millan off a Preet Kaur assist.

However 18 minutes later, Oxnard tied the game through Cassandra Martinez. 

Perez said the Condors were tough in a difference to last time where the Brahmas cruised past them.

“They changed their style of play which was more direct. Last game it was all passing and on this occasion it caused us problems. They were a lot dangerous this time,” Perez said.

13 minutes into the second half, Amelia Weckhurst scored the winning goal for the Brahmas.

Weckhurst was proud to have contributed to the team’s win. 

“I feel great to have scored, but it is all thanks to my teammates who helped us get the W,” Weckhurst said.

Millan said Pierce were all over the place against the Condors.

“We weren’t fully focused, but something that helped us out was finishing our chances which is what Adolfo instructed us to do,” Perez said.

Pierce still has a remote chance of making the playoffs, but they must win or tie their next games and wait for a miracle.

Brahmas host Cuesta College Friday at 4 p.m.